2 Market Media takes you and your ideas to market.

What's your opinion of how the World Works? Cool. Let’s sell it.

How We Work

2 Market Media is a creative and business development partner for media personalities and corporate clients.


The principal partners of 2 Market Media have over 30 years of combined experience. Doing what? Kicking ass.

About 2MM

We handpick and collaborate with cool, interesting, and edgy individuals or businesses who want to expand their platforms.


We're always interested in working with new clients to build big ideas, and bigger brands.

  • RT : Don't be caught unafraid when the Ebola panic dies down. Start transitioning now to fear about the border. Work smart, people. Plan ahead.,
  • Differentiation - feeling something, habitually reacting one way - and acting strategically instead. Try it,
  • RT : Only 2 more TV Hosting Classes left this year. Don't miss out! Sign up here ,
  • Practice being on camera - everyday,
  • it's a numbers game. put numbers on the board.,