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How We Work

2 Market Media is a creative and business development partner for media personalities and corporate clients.


The principal partners of 2 Market Media have over 30 years of combined experience. Doing what? Kicking ass.

About 2MM

We handpick and collaborate with cool, interesting, and edgy individuals or businesses who want to expand their platforms.


We're always interested in working with new clients to build big ideas, and bigger brands.

Co-Executive Producer of new hit Food Network show Farmhouse Rules
Nancy Fuller--Host of Farmhouse Rules, author
Jeanine Pirro--Fox News host, judge extraordinaire, seminar speaker
Facilitated deal between Najafi Company and Gordon Elliott's Follow Productions, and a resulting small shareholder in the Paula Deen Network
Teamed up with Steve Harvey's new production company East 112th Street, and partnered on a number of projects in development and in pilot
Co-Founder of Grant Cardone's Whatever it Takes Network
Dr Laura Berman--Syndicated radio show host and TV personality
Production partnership with Gordon Elliott's Follow Productions
Dr. Harry Fisch---Sirius Radio show host on Howard Stern Network
Creator and producer of multiple tours with Townsquare Media including Maureen Hancock and Jeanine Pirro's Take Back America Tour.
Executive Producer of 10 nationally syndicated radio shows and manager of clients on major stations including WGN, WABC, WSB, etc.
Production deal with Charles Koppelman
Manager of clients with shows on A&E, Fox News, Food Network, OWN, Lifetime Networks, etc.
ILYCE GLINK---WSB radio show host, best selling author and leading media personality in real estate
Carol Roth---CNBC contributor, radio show host, small biz influencer

  • look into that camera and start by acknowledging ME. your audience - and meeting and exceeding their expectations - is what YOUR show is,
  • pick strategies - like a destination. where do you want to end up? what does that place look and feel like. write that down. Now get there.,
  • Shift your attention - from what you are saying to how you are being heard.,
  • no one wants to feel uncomfortable. being in the media, being out there - means you risk people saying all kids of stuff to and about you,
  • Sunburn means u can't be trusted,