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How We Work

2 Market Media is a creative and business development partner for media personalities and corporate clients.


The principal partners of 2 Market Media have over 30 years of combined experience. Doing what? Kicking ass.

About 2MM

We handpick and collaborate with cool, interesting, and edgy individuals or businesses who want to expand their platforms.


We're always interested in working with new clients to build big ideas, and bigger brands.

  • RT : Serving up @FullerFarmer's Dressed-Up Irish Coffee! Make one for yourself: . ,
  • you are Reacting. and your initial reactive personality is Not what you want to be doing.,
  • RT : When life hands you lemons, add it to that shitty salmon dish you made last night, Carol. You embarrassed yourself in front of my parents,
  • RT : The hottest young economist in America studies the media, not monetary policy ,
  • Regis Philbin playing with the ladies in The View's pilot sold the show. PERSONALITY. i recoreded the 1st run thru - ,