2 Market Media takes you and your ideas to market.

What's your opinion of how the World Works? Cool. Let’s sell it.

How We Work

2 Market Media is a creative and business development partner for media personalities and corporate clients.


The principal partners of 2 Market Media have over 30 years of combined experience. Doing what? Kicking ass.

About 2MM

We handpick and collaborate with cool, interesting, and edgy individuals or businesses who want to expand their platforms.


We're always interested in working with new clients to build big ideas, and bigger brands.

  • Your core sense of self is built around unconscious and unmet feelings of inadequacy. Power comes when comment on it.,
  • rules change. the rules are changing. and not always for YOUR benefit. be part of correcting the system. speak up. broadcast u,
  • think of Emotions as Data ,
  • getting to do what you want to do requires doing what you DON'T want to do too,
  • Change the World: make me care about something i didn't previously,